Welcome to Cannibal Weekly! (Where the weak are killed and eaten.)  No, not you, but those silly normal people.  This group, based in a small town in Mississippi, has been operating for a short while now and hopes to become larger… Of course, it’s hard to find those who enjoy the things we do.

If you find what we do offending, leave.  If you don’t, stay a while and soak up the love.  The cannibal love, that is…

The articles that will come after this will pertain to certain things and will be written by one of my highly trained crew members.  I say my because I believe that I was the one who started this blog, but, without my friends, none of this would be possible.  We also may have a video blog up.  🙂  Thank you for reading, have a lovely day.

God Speed, young ones.

-Cannibal Weekly Writer, Chompy.


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