Don’t Touch That Spleen!:Organs You Shouldn’t Eat.

Ever eaten a toe and had bad indigestion for a week?  Believe me, I know your pain! I once ate an epileptic’s stomach lining–just for the heck of it, you know–and I was throwing up like… Crazy the next day.

Well, I’m here to make sure you don’t end up paintin’ your toilet with a technicolor yawn. [Yes, that is Australian slang for throwing up.  I’m awesome, admit it.]

What not to eat:

1. A Spleen.

Why?:  Because of a chemical called Areodyctialicine.  Too much of this one chemical can screw with your existing, stable levels and cause you to have very bad gas for weeks on end.  It’s not pretty, trust me.

2.  Stomach.

Why?:  Because of the stomach acid that’s been rubbing against the stomach’s lining since your victim was first cookin’ in the oven.  This acid will upset the balance within your own stomach and cause you to barf, quiet painfully.

3. The Pancreas.

Why?:  Think the opposite of Diabetes [too little insulin in the blood]  When you eat the pancreas, you take in too much insulin and your body processes a few things a little too fast.

Those are three organs you don’t want to mess with.  Just remember, everything’s fine in moderation… Except crack.  That’s just not natural.  Bunch O’ Hooligans, runnin’ ’round buck eyed and craaaaaaaaahzy.

Yeah, well anyway, I’ve got to split.

God Speed, Young Ones.



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