Choosing Which of your Friends to Eat.

Now, as your pickings become weak (due to this silly economy)  you may have to resort to eating your friends.  But who, you may ask, should you eat first?

As a long time cannibal and killer, I would suggest you kill the most annoying first.  If they bug you to no end, then get them out of this world and start feasting.  If someone starts getting a tad suspicious, you may fall into the line of suspects, but, being a seasoned liar (as you should be) you can wiggle your way out of anything, right?

Police Officer: Is that a human leg in your trunk?

You: Uh… No.  I’m a… Magician.  It’s a part of my trick.  I actually need to get to a show as soon as I can…

Police Officer: Wow!  A magician, sorry man, you can go. *Grin… Wave*

See, just as long as they believe you, it’s fine.  Righto, so try to feast on strangers for the time being, if you don’t, things could get messy!  🙂

I would advise that you don’t eat anyone related to you, or any of your  best friends–not matter how delicious you think they may be.  I’ll be posting a list of rules for Cannibals later on that will continue to grow as I remember more and more.

Ah, so… If you happen to eat someone you’re related to, I suggest you change your name and move.  Quickly.  Because family is usually suspected first.  But if you kill hobo’s and idiots, then the world will be a better place.

With that in mind, I leave you.  Happy feasting.  🙂

God Speed, Young Ones.



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