Three New Dishes to Regulate Your Digestive System!

Your health is important very, very, very important.  If you get sick and have to go to a doctor, you can’t exactly explain what’s in your stomach, now can you?  So, you need to keep your tummy happy, and regulated.  Now we have some dishes that will help you run smoothly!

From the Cookbook of our Very own Brain!:

1. Mama’s Black Eye Casserole:

Ingredients: (Serves Two Healthy Cannibals)

Six eyeballs.

Ten Tortillas or Three Feet of fresh flesh.

One Cup of Cheese (This cannot be susbstituted.)

At least a cup and a half of slightly coagulated, room temperature blood.

And a filler:  This can be refried beans, actual beans, or a cream of <insert random thing here>.

Cooking Directions:

Heat the oven to 354 degrees.

Cut the Tortilla (or skin) into small, one inch strips.

Line a casserole pan with the tortilla (or skin).

Insert filler into pan.

Chop up eyeballs into quarter bits (or smaller, depending on size)

Place eyeballs into pan.

Insert Blood.

Top with cheese.

Place in over for at least thirty minutes.

Take out (carefully! We don’t want burnt fingers!) of the oven, and enjoy!(:


2. Chitlin’s (Cannibal Style)

Ingredients: (Feeds Two-Four Healthy Cannibals)

One large Intestine.

Two small Intestines.


Fry the Intestines.

Let them cool.




3. Cannibal’s Delight

Ingredients: (Serves One Lovely Cannibal)

Half a cup of blood.

Whipped (like… Icing.) Chocolate.  As much as you like.

Two eyeballs.

(Optional) Brain.


Put the chocolate in a bowl.

Pour Blood over it.

Place eyeballs on top.

(Optional) Put brain-bits Around the chocolate.




See, it’s so easy, a Cannibal could do it! 😉

God Speed, Young Ones.



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