Resturant Ideas For The Cannibalistically Inclined(:

Always Hiring!

Well Ain't that just dandy?

I was contemplating opening up a restaurant that serves the cannibals of the world.  We wouldn’t really fit into any ethnic group, so I would most likely just call us an “All-Human” restaurant.  My friend even came up with a joke for it… Don’t tell him, but I think it’s a bit lame… 😀  :

Picture This:

[A group of four teenagers walk into KFP, they had always heard legends about what they served here and were going there out of a dare.  They approach the server at the door, his face has a slight smile, his specially carved fangs jutting out a bit.]

Server:  “How many?”

Boy #1: “Four.”

Server: “So… Three?”

Boy #2: “No, Four.”

Server: [His smile wider.] “I’ll take care of that.”

Hehehehe… *Eye Roll* Spot on.  Yuppers.

Great, isn’t it?  I mean, wouldn’t this be just a lovely restaurant?  We’d have all sorts of dishes, some of the ones I wrote about and tons more.  So… Anyone want to donate to the cause?  *Wink, Wink.*

Right, you can email us at:

Do you have any restaurant ideas of your owns?  Why not write it in a comment? 😀

God Speed, Young Ones.


*Disclaimer*:  (My Mother made me put this… *Eye Roll*… Mostly just inc ase someone from like.. The FBI read my blog…)  This blog is primarily for humor purposes, there are real cannibals out there, myself not one of them.


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