What Blood can do for You!

Hot, sticky, and messy; blood is often seen as something gross, or horrible.  Some cannibals, often referred to as Vampires, (not the sparkly, gorgeous ones)  but the real-life, cannibal ones.  Many think the blood tastes good, or will help regulate their digestive system.

We have the real effects of Blood on your body.  Brain, our resident cannibal expert and scientist has been working for over a month with his wife to find out what blood really did to a person.  His findings are more than surprising.

1. A Skin Mostirizer

When placed on the skin, blood, over time (about a week) will soften your skin and make it glow!  Just make sure that you wash it off after you rub it on (leave it on for about… Ten minutes)

2. Regulate that tummy!

If you drink one cup of blood for six days, your stomach will begin working a lot better!  The chemicals within blood help calm the acid in your stomach.  🙂

3. Help you feel more rested.

Just like many health foods, Blood can give you more energy!  It helps to stimulate the neurons within your brain and helps to wake you up.

Got more uses for blood?  Email us or Comment! I bet Brain would love to test some more theories!  🙂

God Speed, Young Ones.



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