And the Next Step Is…

Step Four:

Begin finding victims.

Selecting victims that fit you is often a long process.  Most cannibals enjoy leaner meat, so they go for the smaller, younger, more muscular types.  Some people enjoy a bit of fat to flavor up their meals, so they hunt larger prey.

You may prefer blondes, or brunettes, maybe even red-heads (No, i’m a red head.  No eating red heads.)  If you enjoy blacks instead of whites, Asian instead of Middle Eastern; you just have to look around until you find your ideal victim.

What I eat.

I prefer younger males in their late teens, early twenties.  Now understand that when I said in earlier articles that I don’t torture, I wasn’t lying.  I’m not a schizophrenic, but I do have multiple personality disorder and it can be hard living with these personalities within me.  I’m not just one person, but many.

Lillian, an avid sadomasochist and torture buff, she takes over when ever I’m in my basement.  I rarely have much recollection of what she does, but she always seems happy.  I’ve had her relate stories to me.  They’re… Frightening.

When stalking prey, J.J. comes out.  J.J. is a very good stalker, it almost comes naturally to her.  She knows how to tail a car and even get a guy to just step into her car.  She usually is the one who brings home the meals.  🙂

I have a few other personalities, but they don’t pertain to much that’s happening in this article.

So, find your own victim type.  They can range from very young to sort of old.  I would advise you try out a few victims before settling on a certain type.  I prefer men, but I usually get women because they’re more tender.  But, that’s just personal preference.

Right-o I need to go get my next stalking expedition outlined and planned.

God Speed, Young Ones.