This is Getting a Tad Old…

This article and then ONE more!  You’re so happy that we’re almost done, aren’t you?  Yes, I know.  My constant badgering with steps, fancy italics and bold words.  Luckily, I’m almost done informing you on how to become a cannibal.  As sure as I’m sitting here, if you follow my instructions you will most likely be able to be a succesful cannibal killer.

Here are a few more steps:

8. Torturing Your Victims.

If you’re not one to torture, you can skip over this step and move on to the next one, it all depends on your personal preference.  Remember: Cannibalism is all about personal style and flair — as long as you stay safe.

Let’s talk about types of torture.


Psychological torture involves messing with the mind of your victims.  This can be as simple as making your lair look like is a windowless, doorless room.  Or, it could be as complex as making them watch videos you made of other victims you’ve tortured physically.  I would advise you to stay away from this sort of torture until you’ve become comfortable with the rest of the process.  I say this only because psychological torture can be mentally and physically taxing on the tortuerer.  As always, be careful.


Physical torture spans hundreds of years and can be looked at a multitude of different ways.  Torture of this sort has been used in interrogation by the government.  It’s also been used by murderers and cannibals alike.  Let’s break this down a little further.

Prolonged Torture:

Torture that takes place over a span of time exceeding one day.  This includes some sorts of psychological torture and certain types of physical torture.  Starving, dehydrating, and malnurturing are forms of prolonged torture.  I enjoy cutting my victims, dressing the wound, waiting for hit to heal, and then cutting over it again.  It usually takes quite some time for me to do it, and it’s the only torture Lillian lets me participate in.

Short Torture:

This includes torture such as: letting them bleed out, letting a disease take them, and using smaller, but more potent, torture devices.  This is completely up to you on what you do to torture them.  Why not check out the History of Torture.

Torture Devices.

Yup.  That’s just about it.

God Speed, Young Ones.