Nike! Nike! (It’s like Greek or something for Victory…)

Cooking those lovely, dead victims. 

Now that your victims are dead and gone (Yes, like the song) you will need to properly cook them.  Remember that with all meats, you have set backs.  You must thoroughly cook your meat or you might get sick!  I prefer to fry my victims, but there are a host of options for you to pick from.

You can…

Fry Them!  *Sizzle!*

Bake Them!  *Health Nut*

Eat Them Raw!  *EWWWWWWWWWW*

Grill Them!  *Hiiiiiiiiiiiiisss….*

I would suggest you buy a meat lover’s cook book and find some recipies in there.  Here are some interesting Cannibal Dish names.

You can create your own recipies and send them to me at! I’d love to have your ideas!  I’ll be posting up more and more recipies; about three-five every two weeks or so.  Watch for them!

This concludes our five *cough*six*cough* article project teaching you how to be a cannibal.  If you have any questions, leave us a comment or an email!

God Speed, Young Ones.